There are a few ways you can complete a migration between servers using the same domain. The way we recommend is the following:

  1. Set up your domain on your new host, recreate the email accounts, and document all passwords.
  2. Document the IP address of your old host (or if you know the host name you can use that, typically it would be something to do with the actual host and not your domain, both will go to the same place).
  3. Make the DNS change. Point your domain to your new host, and make sure new emails are arriving.
  4. Start your migration – for the source put in that IP address of your old host, or the host name.  Enter the old login details and test the connection.
  5. For the destination, you should now be able to put in your domain name, as you’ve already verified that email is arriving on the new host. Enter the new login details you documented in step 1, and test the connection.
  6. Start the transfer! Your new mailbox will have any emails from the DNS change forward, and the rest will start to show up as the migration completes. If you’re using IMAP, you’ll see them show up almost in real time. We recommend using IMAP.